Key Dates

Due Date of Return Filing



                    Due Date


     Assessee's not liable to Audit


     31st July of the year


     Assessee's liable to Audit


     30th September of the year

     Filing of Revised Return

                      Earlier of

     Within 1 year from the end of A.Y


       Completion of Assessment


Payment of Advance Tax (Individuals/Firms/Companies)


Due Date

% of Total Tax 

15th June


15th September


15th December


15th March





                                    Return Filing Date


Quarter Period

Due Date           

Ist Quarter

31st  July               

2nd Quarter

31st October        

3rd Quarter

31st Januray        

4th Quarter

31st May             


                                 Payment Due Dates

Quarter Period

Due Date

Ist Quarter

7th July

2nd Quarter

7th October

3rd Quarter

7th Januray

4th Quarter

30th April





Due Date For Composition Taxpayers

 Quarter Period    Due Dates    
Jan-Mar, 2019 18th Apr, 2019
Apr-June, 2019 18th July, 2019
July-Sept, 2019 18th Oct, 2019
Oct-Dec, 2019 18th Jan, 2020


Due Date For GSTR - 1 (Quartely Returns) 


Quarter Period     

   Due Dates       

Jan- Mar, 2019                

31st Apr, 2019                

Apr-June, 2019

31st July, 2019

July- Sept, 2019

30th Oct, 2019

Oct- Dec, 2019 

31st Jan, 2020


Due Date For GSTR - 1 (Monthly Return)



Due Date                

Jan, 2019

11th Feb, 2019

Feb, 2019

11th Mar, 2019






                       Name of E-form

                Purpose of E-form        Due date of Filing

   Form ADT-1 

  Appointment of Auditor    15 days from the conclusion of AGM                            
  Form AOC-4(Balance Sheet & Profit and Loss Account)   and Form AOC-4 CFS (in case of Consolidated financial statements)

  Filing of Annual Accounts

   30 days from the conclusion of the AGM (In case of             One Person Company within 180 days from the close        of financial year)

   Form MGT-7

  Filing of Annual Return       60 days from the conclusion of AGM

   Form CRA-4

  Filing of Cost Audit Report    30 days from the receipt of Cost Audit Report
   Form MGT-14   Filing of resolutions with MCA regarding     Board Report and Annual  Accounts                                                          30 days from the date of Board Meeting 
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