Startup Business Services

Start-Up Business Services (SUBS) is a collaborative approach to business advice, services and support for start-ups and small businesses. Starting a business is a multi-step process that can feel overwhelming when you're on your own, however, there may be many problems in the legal and financial aspects of running a business and such matters often appear daunting. Fortunately, you do not need to be an expert in these fields to succeed in business rather we will assist you with the services such as:

Decide on the most suitable structure for your business - sole trader, partnership, limited           liability partnership or limited company

Prepare a business plan

Company formations including completion of any registration procedures

Deal with company secretarial issues

VAT, Tax, Payroll and Other Accounting requirements

Help with all aspects of business Compliance and Administration

Advisory And Consultancy provides strategic thinking and advice on the most valuable ways to enhance your business effectiveness. Our firm works collaboratively with our clients, bringing innovative thinking, strong facilitation skills, proven strategic frameworks, and implementation skills to deliver industry-specific strategy consulting services. Our Advisory and Consultancy services assists clients with services such as :

Corporate strategy and strategic planning

Brand strategy, growth and innovation

Organizational effectiveness

Mergers and acquisitions

Corporate Restructuring

Business Valuation

Business Advisory

Transaction Support

Corporate Finance

Due Diligence

Cost Control


The Indian tax and regulatory environment is in an unprecedented state of flux characterized both by a raft of new legislations and by continuous re-interpretation of existing laws. As a result, tax strategy must not only respond to the prevailing tax and regulatory environment, but must also anticipate the contours of possible future developments in policy, administration and jurisprudence. Failure to do so can expose organisations to franchise risks and governance challenges, besides increasing the overall cost of doing business. Our Tax and Regulatory services assists clients with services such as :

Domestic and International Tax Advisory

Tax Planning

Tax Returns

Tax Representation

Transfer Pricing

Indirect Tax Advisory

GST Advisory




At Sipani Manoj and Company, we know that running and managing a business can be difficult and time consuming. We’re not like the more ‘traditional’ accountants, where you slide a bag full of receipts and invoices across our desk once a year and a month later  give you back your completed books. Instead, we use our experience and the knowledge. We’ve gained from working with hundreds of different companies to really help your business develop. That’s how we are able to deliver such good results, time after time. Our Accounting and Business Support assists clients with services such as:

 Accounting Services including management accounting

 Budgeting and forecasting

 Review of Accounting Systems

 Accounts / System Manual

 Implementation of accounting systems

 Standard Operating Processes

 Consulting on everyday business matters

 Monthly reporting (including balance sheet, P&L, and cash flow)


The changing global regulatory landscape is creating need for tighter operations control and reporting. We help our clients address and implement the regulatory requirements of jurisdictions and deliver our clients data and reporting in timely matter. Our team provides highly flexible, cost effective and highly skilled assistance to ensure their business processes are in line with applicable legal and regulatory requirements. Our compliance support assists clients with services such as:

 Timely Payment Of Statutory Liabilities

 Registration with Department

 Preparation of Financials as per the applicable Financial Reporting Framework

 Assistance in Monitoring Internal Control System

 Filing with Registrar of Companies (ROC)

 Assistance in claiming refund and rebate with department

Our commitment to delivering high-quality assurance services is at the heart of what we do. We provide comprehensive audit and assurance services designed to deliver real value and underpin investor confidence. Audit and assurance services gives your business the stability, you need to manage effectively and achieve your objectives. We can help you design and improve your systems and arrangements to meet your needs, anticipating problems and finding solutions. Our assurance services assists clients with services such as :

 Statutory Audit

 Tax Audit

 Internal Audit

 Concurrent Audit

 Management Audit

 Operations Audit

 Compliance Audit

 VAT Audit

 Revenue & Income Leakage Audits

 Inspection/ Investigation



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